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Tusculum Elementary Certified LEED Gold

Tusculum Elementary School has been certified as a LEED Gold certified building.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a building rating system that provides standards for highly efficient and cost-saving buildings, according to its website.

Tusculum is the first school in the Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) system to achieve the Gold certification. And only the third school in Davidson county to achieve the Gold certification. This is an exciting achievement for the design team, contractor, and LEED consultant to obtain.

RGA is very proud to have been a part of this team.

Notable Statistics:

• Potable water use reduction, by using high efficiency flush and flow plumbing fixtures: 32.3%

• Energy Cost Savings by utilizing high performance building systems: 36.39%

• Construction Waste Diverted from Landfill: 80%

• Recycled Content in Materials: 23.68% (by cost)

• Regional Materials: 37.89% (by cost)

• Use of Low-Emitting Materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring products, and

classroom furniture

• Innovation point for Pilot Credit 76: Material Ingredient Reporting: 20 permanently installed

products demonstrate inventories of all components

• Innovation point for Pilot Credit 52: Material Multi-Attribute Assessment: 25 different permanently installed products have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) citing their cradle-to-gate lifecycle impact on the environment

About Tusculum Elementary:

Nearly 800 students began school in their new 98,080 square foot building in the beginning of August. Tusculum Elementary serves students from 20 different countries, and is considered to be one of Metro Schools’ most diverse schools in the district. It was also one of the most crowded schools with 21 classroom portables.


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