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R.G. Anderson Company (RGA) has been providing professional construction services since 1989. Quality construction, a commitment to providing outstanding service, and high performance standards have allowed the firm to become one of Middle Tennessee’s most respected and reputable construction firms.

The company’s founder and Chairman, Robert G. Anderson, has over forty years of experience in the construction services industry. He joined Rogers Construction in 1969 and progressed through the ranks to become President in 1981. During his time at Rogers, the Nashville-based construction company grew to become the most prolific builder of healthcare facilities in the country and among the ten largest building contractors in the United States.

RGA offers a wide range of services, including general contractor work, construction management, renovation, and design build services for commercial, residential, municipal, community, healthcare, education, and all LEED certified construction. We demonstrate our commitment to our Clients by providing responsive and dedicated professionals who have the expertise and experience to anticipate and meet all of the project’s requirements, all while keeping the client’s best interest in mind.

RGA believes in the “team approach” to construction, where the Owner, the Architect and their Design Team, and the Contractor work together on a project from conception to completion in order to provide the optimum result:

a quality project, completed at the earliest time, and at the best price.

The firm’s most important asset is its reputation. RGA has had the honor of providing construction services for a diverse client-base and is proud to share with them an exemplary track record of achievement. A successful resume of experience accompanied by a reputation of quality service demonstrates RGA’s high standards of excellence and the construction services industry.

One of RGA’s strongest beliefs is that the most important Project is the one we are currently building. Our Professionals are continually demonstrating that the key to a successful project lies in preparation and the ability to take the necessary steps to ensure the optimum results. It is through absolute commitment to Client satisfaction, continuous improvement of services, and attention to detail that the heritage of successful construction services will be continued at RGA.

The goal of R.G. Anderson Company is complete Owner satisfaction and ensuring each project is a success.