Cane Ridge Comprehensive High School

Project Description:

  • New 320,000 square foot comprehensive high school
  • Pre-stressed hollow core panel floor & roof system
  • Stone colonnade entry with bell tower
  • One classroom wing has a geothermal HVAC system for an energy cost comparison study
  • 23,000 square foot gymnasium with running track on the second story perimeter
  • 600 seat auditorium
  • 10,000 square foot technology training wing
  • 23,000 square foot cafeteria and dining area

“In order to meet the Owner’s critical occupancy deadlines, the R.G. Anderson Company was asked to complete the entire project from the point that they received the prepared building pad to substantial completion in eighteen months and this included a period of furniture and equipment installation prior to student occupancy. They were able to meet these difficult schedules and still maintain a high standard of quality throughout the construction process. We would certainly recommend them on a project of this nature again.” – Ted Stanton, AIA, Project Manger, Gould Turner Group, Inc.

“The way in which this work was accomplished has been exemplary. R.G. Anderson was responsive and their work was quality work. The project was on a tight time schedule and they treated our project as if it were of utmost importance…..Without reservation, I can state that the Cane Ridge High School project of over 309,000 square feet of finished space, a football field with track, stadiums, lighting and field house was well managed within budget and on time. The Nashville community can be proud of this facility.” – J. Arnold Von Hagen, Director of Planning & Construction, Metro Nashville Public Schools